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Control Slim 150ml

Ref. 166

CHF 59.25

Innovation Cleanser

Ref. 8554

CHF 133.55

Shaving Cream 250ml

Ref. 858

CHF 38.80


An enhancive and dynamic career

Do you want to start an enhancive and dynamic career? You can work close to your home and combine private and professional life without giving up attractive salary and...
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Our Favourite

Vegicaps Biotolift - 30 Spheres- Ref. 748

Advanced Phyto Biological Line

Intensive specific anti-age treatment. Available in monodose capsules, the active agents contained in this concentratet beauty treatment ensure that the epidermis is optimally revitalized. It helps your skin regain its radiance, vitality and firmness. Reinforces and further activates the effect of the other beauty treatments.

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